Sous chef

Salary And Compensation

£ 22000 - £ 24000 per year Tips

Job Location

Stokesley, Yorkshire and the Humber Onsite

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Job Description

Contract 8 hour shift 10 hour shift 12 hour shift Day shift Night shift Monday to Friday Holiday Weekend availability
  • we are a bar/pub in stokesley that has a decking and offers mainly simple but tasty food at reasonable prices, involving Parmos, burgers, pasta, pizza and charcuterie or sharing boards
    The applicant must be able to 
    manage kitchen stock, health/hygiene requirements
  • Cook, prep food, stock take
  • Place food orders, follow protocol, work within EHO guidelines to maintain our 5 star hygiene rating
  • Work with head chef or independently when chef is unavailable
  • Must have at least 1 year experience
  • Must have Level 2 Health Food Safety Certificate
  • Must work well with FoH staff
  • Must be able to work in the UK and have transport if you do not live locally
  • Both part and full time position can be negotiated, salary between 22-25k/year
  • Applicant should have experience cooking 100 covers on a Sunday lunch
  • Tips are shared with FoH staff
  • Looking for a friendly, enthusiastic team member who can enhance the customer experience
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Company Info


We are a pub that serves cocktails and drinks with a menu that focuses on parmo, burgers, pasta and pizza. Looking for a 30-40 hour/week cook/chef who can handle the above along with proper Sunday lunches to cover 80-100.

Wages offered will be between 22 - 24k/year, plus tips

Must have 2 years hospitality experience, valid Food Safety/Hygiene Certificate and can work in the UK

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