Friendly London consultancy on the look out for experienced Ruby/JS devs (#14029025) 

London, London, United Kingdom

Software Developer At bluespot we've created a new kind of web-development consultancy. We value honesty, transparency and open communication and strive to bake these values into everything we do. About bluespot: Employee owned business where the team are the shareholdersProfitable and already paying dividendsOpen salaries and company accountsBrave enough to turn down bad projectsAll based in our own office (never at our clients)Weekly company retrospectivesGuilt free home working and flexible hours Who are we We are a London-based development consultancy, coming into our third year of building awesome projects for our clients. We build web apps, and provide expertise on the best processes for building web apps, for a range of clients, from small startups to government departments. The role Right now, we are looking for experienced full stack developers to join us. We work in small teams, which typically consist of two developers, Michael our agile delivery manager and one “product owner” from the client side. You would be our sixth developer, working alongside the lovely Joe, Iain, Ben, Mark and Neil. We work using a simple but powerful agile methodology that encourages collaboration, delivery, reflection and improvement. Each week, we plan and deliver completed features to our clients, with our aim always to have teams working together, not in silos or staggered across iterations. Developers at bluespot hold weekly (or even more frequent) face to face meetings with clients where they demo the iteration's work, give advice, and talk through plans for the future of the project, so being comfortable chatting openly and easily with people is essential (this doesn't mean perfect queen's english, just relaxed and able to convey your ideas). When not on a client project, our developers might be working on internal products, joining chats with potential clients, contributing to open source projects, writing blog posts, or learning about anything else new that takes their fancy. The tech We would like to talk to people experienced in any technologies/languages, but at the moment our go-to server stack is Ruby and Ruby on Rails. We occasionally reach for Node.js where appropriate. We love React and Redux in the browser and find React Native makes us incredibly productive when creating native apps. We believe testing is imperative to creating a healthy project and commonly use RSpec and Capybara with Ruby and Jest, Jasmine or Mocha with JavaScript. We favour deploying to Heroku and enjoy its tight integration with Git and GitHub. Why us? We like to work in a casual, friendly atmosphere. Social collaboration both with colleagues and our clients is highly valued, so working from our Soho office (by the way, Soho is awesome) with hours of 10am - 6pm is the norm, but we are flexible with those hours and with days worked at home. Honest and transparent in our work, we are not interested in selling clients anything they don't need, and only take on work when we feel we are the best people for the job. We work at sustainable pace and do not ask our developers to pull overtime to hit “deadlines”. A family and life friendly office, we understand school runs, doctors appointments, errands, and that hobby you love that means you need to nip off a bit early today. We trust you to cover your work with your team and your client in a responsible manner. The same goes for holidays. We hold weekly company retrospectives internally where everyone has a voice on how we do things, what we're doing well, what could still be better, and how we're going to succeed together as business. We want people to be part of that success. Too many agencies use a model where increased success only serves to makes their founders richer. If you came to work here, you would be become a member of our share scheme and be included in the company's profit sharing. Salary will be negotiable based on experience, but typically in the range of £45k - £70k

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