Republic of Cats: Software Engineer (#18680959) 

Richmond, London, United Kingdom

COVID-19 UPDATE: We are continuing to interview, hire, and onboard remotely. All of our engineering staff are working from home following the UK government's advice. We shipped everyone's tech gear and office chairs to their homes and we're working to ensure everyone is comfortable. We're expanding on our existing remote practices, and holding some fun online events too!
Who We Are is an e-commerce platform and subscription business. We deliver tailor-made dog food to over 150,000 dogs every month. Every single bag we ship is unique - which is no mean feat when you produce 11,000+ per day. We own the whole experience, from our landing page to the customer's front door. We use Python everywhere we can, including in our factory.
Republic of Cats is our new, exciting adventure into tailor-made cat food. We're providing subscription-based feeding plans for cats that have been tailored to each pet's unique nutritional needs and preferences. Users can register up to four felines with the service. They can do so by filling in data such as weight, breed, health conditions and age, and selecting specific health goals for their pet, for instance losing weight, reducing hairballs or managing allergies.
After filling in the upfront cat quiz, users will receive a taster box with a bag of nutritionally tailored dry food, and a variety of wet food flavours to help them find out which ones their cat loves the most. They can edit those flavours each month as the cat's tastes evolve.
What You'll Do
You'll work in one of our autonomous squads, specifically dedicated to Republic of Cats, made up of engineers, product managers, designers, and quality assurance. You'll collaborate with teams to solve difficult problems across the entire company - from marketing and data to the factory engineers. As Python is currently our main language we prefer you to be already familiar with Python or any other web-oriented language (PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, etc).
In this position, you'll get to:
Work with a modern web stack and microservices to deliver features and products Lead best practices ensuring great software engineering and appropriate testing Contribute to the ongoing evolution of the platform architecture Participate in bi-monthly hackdays to build or learn absolutely anything you want Build software in an environment that supports your individual growth Ensure our customers have a healthy and happy dog for life!
We'd like you to be comfortable with:
Python 3 (plus Flask, Django or any other framework) or any comparable language, with web experience At least one SQL dialect Modern CSS including build tools, post-processors and SASS Modern ES6 JS, including at least one state-of-the-art framework like React or VueJS DevOps experience in scaling and running high-traffic software on AWS or GCP is a plus
We ship early and often, so we push multiple deployments live per day through our CI/CD pipelines. Our local development environments have setup guides and it's possible to ship something on your very first day. We like to keep the code review process friendly and supportive so everyone can learn and grow. We also make space in our sprints for learning and development time, and hold in-house workshops on new technologies.
What Makes Us Different
We prioritise work-life balance. We have flexible hours (start 7-10 am, finish 4-7 pm) and if you're working remotely you'll have the same schedule. You are never expected to reply to Slack messages outside of your working hours.
Squads are free to choose their technology stack. We primarily use Kubernetes, Python 3, Flask, Celery, and SQLAlchemy for our monolith and microservices. AWS is our main cloud provider and CI/CD is paramount. Any new frontend features are built with Vue.js in collaboration with product designers. We have a design system which is currently evolving into a design components library.
We don't use algorithm puzzles in the hiring process. After a phone interview with an engineer, you'll get a short take home test directly related to the work we do everyday. After that, we'll bring you in for a round of interviews. Usually two and a half hours, during which you'll speak to two pairs of engineers and our head of engineering with small breaks in between.
We like to hear our employees' voices. We also use anonymous polls (we publish the results internally) as well as live anonymous Q&A questions to the CEO. We won "The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work for 2020" award and the survey results are public .
You Are Welcome At
You are welcome at no matter what you look like or where you come from. We are actively seeking a diverse pool of applicants, including those from historically marginalised groups. We believe that a diverse company is a powerful company. It's through our differences that we will innovate and change the world of pet food for good.
Read more about Engineering and our working practices on our tech blog .
Work in an office full of dogs, with a team full of ideas. Plus these awesome benefits:
You'll get a competitive salary, reviewed annually, and from day one will be a shareholder in
We're proud to be on a high growth trajectory and offer the chance to work in an environment and with a team that will constantly challenge, support and develop you.
You'll start on 25 days of holiday which will increase in the time you're with us. On top of this, we offer optional unpaid leave and a paid volunteer day each year.
For expectant parents, we have extended maternity, paternity, shared parental and adoption pay.
We have shed loads of other great benefits, visit our careers page for more info.

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