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Aspiring Clinical Psychologist - Aspiring Counsellor - Education and Training - Autism - Newham
If you know your objectives within Psychology, mental health & SEN, this is a great place to start.
What you may love about this school is the positivity that is emoted and instilled by everyone, they do not allow autism to hold anyone back. Autism is an important part of who any Autistic person is - it is important for Autistic children and their parents to have strong objectives. Your role, in part, will be to motivate parents to have high expectations for their autistic children.
Autism & Asperger's Syndrome in Newham - Working with children who have a low distress tolerance. This role is to start on November 1st, giving us enough time to have you compliant and to make sure this is the right area in which to work.
This Learning support Assistant role should be a good qualifying exercise if you are an aspiring Clinical psychologist, Councillor or Social Worker.
3-11. EYFS and Primary aged students all with EHCPs with Autism and Aspergers, OCD, verbal and non-verbal children
Physical work combined with the academic side
All training and support provided by the school with their excellent training system
Number of Therapies introduced and holistic processes, a little progress is a cause for success here
A Real focus on Early Years and Non-Verbal students, holistic techniques to gain engagement
Positive engagement, giving the children a sense of acceptance, talking therapy will not always work here so different approaches required
Previous Nursery or EYFS experience is of great use, if you have siblings and younger family members
Giving the students objectives and as much independence as is possible, especially if the students are in assisted living.
OT, Speech and Languages deployed in school, combined with the holistic and CBTs
ABA and CBT Therapies employed, you will be trained in ABA disciplines and methods
This specialist provision within this mainstream primary school for children with Autism and Social, Emotional and Mental Health issues has varied curriculum and music is a large part of this - therapeutic and practical purposes. The LSA role will give you experience with SEN and some Anti-Social Behaviour, if you are sincere about your objectives within mental health then this role will let you qualify and disqualify different roles.
If the above information is of interest then you can apply by sending your CV directly via this advert.
Psychology Graduate - Education and Training - Autism - Newham

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