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Bristol, South West, United Kingdom

Who are we?
OpenClassrooms is a company with a mission: to make education accessible to everyone, everywhere around the world.
We bring together a community of over 2 million students who are passionate about digital subjects. We are now the first online school in Europe and Africa, and offer 100% online degrees recognized by the French government.
Our innovative pedagogy is built on different pillars:
A pedagogy based on real-life projects
Weekly online support for each student with a mentor
A dynamic and active community gathered on a Workplace
Who and what is a mentor?
It's you: an experienced professional in the field in which the student is training. A role model who will share their know-how and life skills with the student every week, coaching them throughout the training program.
Your benefits as a mentor:

Pass on your knowledge and train the web developers of tomorrow
Join the OpenClassrooms community of mentors. A network of more than 2,000 professionals and experts in many fields
Develop your teaching skills by coaching a wide variety of profiles
Increase your income, at your own pace, according to your schedule
Get unlimited access to the OpenClassrooms platform
Get continuous training by taking courses or by becoming a student: A 20%/month discount is offered to mentors who wish to complete a path
How does mentoring work?
- The mentoring sessions are individual, last 30 to 60 minutes per week and are done exclusively by videoconference.
- The mentor helps the student in the realization of their projects and helps them to increase his or her skills.
- You have the opportunity to choose to coach one or more students in their training (3 students = 3 hours/week) depending on your availability.
- All the educational support is created and made available to you by OpenClassrooms on the platform.

Ready to become a mentor on the Web developer path?
The path
In the Web developer courses, our students learn how to create websites and bring mock-ups to life. To do this, they must complete seven professional projects, such as transforming a model into a website, optimizing an existing site or building a secure API, where you coach them.
- You have a bachelor degree and at least 2 years of professional experience as a Web developer
- You have a company structure or a freelance status (registered in your country of residence) to be able to invoice your services on a monthly basis, or you are ready to create one.
- You master JavaScript, HTML 5 and CSS 3S, and ideally Node, Vue.js, Express and Mongo DB
- You know how to adapt your communication style to the profiles and needs of your interlocutors
- You know how to simplify complex concepts, set objectives and give constructive feedback
- You are rigorous and involved in your missions
Application Process: The Video Stage
Once you have applied to become a mentor, you will be asked to submit a video. This step is essential for your integration into the mentoring community.
Why make this video?
This video allows us to verify that :
Your skills are relevant to the path you will be mentoring on
You know how to use your experiences to benefit others
Your pedagogical skills will capture the attention of your future students
How to make this video?
Instructions will be sent to you by email. A link to follow will be integrated to make directly the video or to download it. Be careful, the size limit is quickly reached (50Mb), so we recommend you to use the video tool that is proposed to you. If necessary, send us a drive link or other by return email.
Answer the 4 questions you are asked. To do this, you must use the path you are applying for and its projects, which you will find directly on the platform (path => "projects" tab).

Find a clear (without backlighting) and quiet place so that we can see and hear you well. This will allow you to create a framework for your future mentoring sessions with your students.
Who is watching?
The Mentoring Acquisition Team, and more precisely the person with whom you have already exchanged emails. The team will send you a feedback within 10 days. The video is then deleted and will not be used internally or externally.

Now it's your turn!

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