Trainee Digital & Social Media Marketing Executive


Isle of Wight, South East, United Kingdom

Are you looking to build a career in the exciting world of digital marketing and have limited or no experience?
Over the past 20 years the world of digital marketing has exploded into an industry covering many specialisms and endless career opportunities. Almost every business in the UK now has a website and therefore a need and the ability to market their products online through the web and social media.
To work in the world of digital marketing you need to be a great communicator, have creative flair, an excellent eye for detail and an ability to put yourself in the position of your customer.
If this sounds like you then we can help you shape a career in digital marketing.
We specialise in helping candidates obtain roles in the digital marketing sector using our career progression and job placement program.
Please note this career program is designed for entry level individuals with limited or no experience, so please don't apply if you are already an experienced and qualified digital marketer.
Starting roles are extremely varied and typically pay salaries in the region of \u00A324k-\u00A330k
Below is a guide to some roles available within digital marketing sector and are current average salaries in that sector:
Social Media Executive - \u00A324,000
Junior SEO Executive - \u00A324,000
Digital Marketing Executive - \u00A327,000
PPC\/Paid Search Account Manager - \u00A330,000
SEO Specialist - \u00A335,000
Using our experience in providing Digital Marketing training online with globally recognised DMI diploma certifications and through our expert recruitment support consultants, we are able to provide a seamless journey and often fast-tracked route into a new career in the Digital Marketing sector.
All 3 diploma courses in the package have been identified by our recruitment support team as industry standards for the UK digital marketing sector and will ensure you are qualified for a diverse range of opportunities within the sector.
How do we do this?
Firstly, we place you on a training program which contains 3 of the most relevant industry recognised certification diploma courses needed in the industry. The DMI Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing, The DMI Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing and the DMI Professional Diploma in Search Marketing. A total study time of 90 hours is required to pass all 3 diploma exams and therefore it is quite possible to complete all of these within 3-4 months by studying only a few hours each week.
Once you have passed the diploma exams, which can also be sat online you will be handed to our recruitment support team who will then work with you to ensure you have an optimal CV for the industry, provide you with interview and career guidance and support you in your job search.
Our recruitment support consultants will work with you hand in hand to look at the best opportunities available based on your new certifications and any prior relevant experience you hold. We will then guide you towards many relevant positions based on your new qualifications and existing experience. Typically, you will start in a junior digital marketing role or as an executive in a marketing team.
In order to accommodate candidates, the training element of the package is available over finance periods of up to 2 years. This enables you to get qualified and start in your new role without having to fund for all of the training costs up front. In addition, we are so confident in our success with placing qualified candidates that we will refund the cost of the courses to anyone we are unable to place within 12 months of passing their exams.
Enquire now and one of our highly experienced Course and Career Consultants will contact you within 4 working hours to answer any questions that you may have and to assist you in taking the first step towards your new Digital Marketing career aspirations.
We look forward to receiving your new application and putting you on the pathway to a new and financially rewarding career in digital marketing.

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