General Secretary (Scotland)

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United Kingdom
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Full Job Description

The General Secretary is the centre point of communications and admin within the committee; keeping committee organised, in the loop and on top of action points.

  •  Organises regional committee meetings, sends out the agenda and organises the minutes (includes booking venues/online platforms/rooms for committee meetings) upload to shared folder on Google Drive within one week of the meeting being held
  •  Ensures the effective management of tasks and communication in the committee
  •  Maintains yearly calendar of the region’s activities
  • Monitoring committee on action points, deadlines and other important deliverables
  • Work closely with committee head to oversee tasks and priorities are being met
  • Prepares and sends out reports, in liaison with the rest of the committee
  • Checking and replying to emails
  • Keeping records of all communications: i.e. reports, e-mails, memos etc.
  • Ensure the databases are kept up to date
  •  Sends out important notices and reminders to ISOCs 
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