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ABB 244
ABM 137
Adecco 5,652
Adobe 2,480
ADT 142
Advance 13,663
Advanced 35,308
Adzuna 43,215
Agile 42,845
AIG 125
Aldi 1,071
ALS 1,050
Amazon 9,007
Amey 1,194
Aon 258
Apple 2,316
AQA 388
ARC 838
Arla 360
ARM 3,667
Army 1,543
ASDA 963
ASOS 420
Aspire 4,412
At Home 44,188
AT&T 61,404
Atos 120
Avon 3,828
AWE 229
AXA 731
AXIS 861
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